Your dream road trip

What makes a dream road trip?

The perfect road trip experience is different for everyone. It could be anything from a few unplanned days of meandering and discovering places and experiences along the way, or a carefully planned trip filled with your must-do moments.

The Great Eastern Drive is one of Australia’s great coastal road journeys and we’d like to share with you a few tips for planning the perfect road trip on Tasmania’s east coast. No matter what shape your journey takes, there are there are some things that no road trip can do without…

1. The right transport

Great Eastern Drive East Coast Tasmania

Travel in (your) style

The Great Eastern Drive’s 176 kilometres of coast-hugging road is a pleasure to drive. With gentle curves and show-stopping scenery, the highway between Orford and St Helens is perfect for cruising—in whatever kind of transport you choose for your journey.

So, what’s your perfect road trip vehicle? A sleek convertible built for two, or a van packed to the roof racks with surfboards? A comfortable family car bursting with beach gear, or a bus filled with your best friends? The Great Eastern Drive is the perfect location for almost any kind of vehicle—from cars and caravans, to bicycles and buses.

Two wheels, four, or more?

The east coast is also a destination loved by motorcyclists and road cyclists for its undulating roads, mild, year-round climate, easy riding distances and fantastic scenery. Choose a weekend getaway or an extended tour on your road bike or motorcycle and get ready to feel the wind in your hair and the freedom of the open road.

Hit the road

If you’re travelling from interstate, you can easily bring your own vehicle to Tasmania aboard the Spirit of Tasmania, or hire the car of your choice at rental companies in Hobart or Launceston before you start your journey. Maybe that red convertible you’ve always dreamed of driving is closer than you think…

2. The right company

Great Eastern Drive East Coast Tasmania

Recruit your co-adventurers

On any road trip, the people you choose to travel with are as important as where you go, and what you see and do. There are some among us who love to plot out their holidays in advance (‘planners’), while others are content fly by the seat of their pants and let adventures unfold before them (‘pantsers’). One thing is certain, whether you’re a planner or a pantser, you’ll need some like-minded people to share your road trip experiences with.

Something for everyone (or two, or three, or…)

All along the Great Eastern Drive, you’ll find places to visit, things to do, flavours to savour and places to stay that are perfect for you, whether you’re a solo explorer, travelling with someone special, or on holiday with your best friends or extended family.

3. Fantastic experiences

Great Eastern Drive East Coast Tasmania

Have the time of your life

The ultimate goal of any road trip is to enjoy yourself. This is your chance to a: make sure you see and do the things on this journey that you really want, and b: give yourself time and space to wander and discover. Tasmania’s east coast is a full of opportunities to experience the unexpected and the wonderful, from its three extraordinary national parks, to gorgeous beaches, forests, valleys and lovely coastal villages. And a road trip here will deliver you straight to some of the best holiday experiences you could wish for, from outdoor adventures to complete relaxation (and everything in between).

Check our Blog page to discover more things to do.

4. Good food

Great Eastern Drive East Coast Tasmania

Eat amazing food, drink amazing drinks

Fresh produce, local seafood, exceptional wine—these are some of the things the east coast is known for, all over the world. Your road trip can (and should) include feasting experiences you won’t forget, like dining in a vineyard restaurant among the vines, tasting east coast wines while you chat to the winemaker, buying fresh seafood straight from the producer, and sampling wonderful Tasmanian cuisine in a seaside café or restaurant.

Take it away

When it comes to finding snacks for the journey (and excellent take away coffee), you’ve come to the right place. Cafes, farm gates and providores along the coast are brimming with delicious local treats. Your only challenge will be choosing your favourites. And, you will definitely need to have a picnic, somewhere on the Great Eastern Drive, with a hamper of Tasmanian goodies and a jaw dropping view as the primary ingredients.

For more flavoursome inspiration, take a look at our Food and Wine blog.

5. Photo ops

Great Eastern Drive Tasmania

Take the view home with you

We would never dream of telling you to experience the Great Eastern Drive only through your camera lens or your phone—there will be so many times on this road trip when you’ll just want to stay in the moment and soak up the incredible things you’re seeing and doing. But there are also countless places here where the road will open up before you and reveal the east coast in all its glory. And when that happens, you’re going to want to pick up your camera, capture that moment and share it with the whole world.

There are so many picture-perfect moments here that you won’t want to miss, so nominate someone as your road trip photographer and keep watch for prime lookouts and photo stops along the drive.

Share the wonder

Make sure you also take advantage of the east coast’s free WiFi (available in eight locations along the coast) and share your favourite Great Eastern Drive moments as soon as you experience them. Remember the hashtags #eastcoasttasmania and #greateasterndrive for posting on social media.

6. Music

Great Eastern Drive East Coast Tasmania

Make your own Great Eastern Drive soundtrack…

Most travellers would agree that listening to good music while you drive is one of the great pleasures of a road trip holiday. Music can be a powerful reminder of special times and places, so bring a playlist of your favourite driving music for your journey and it will take you back to your favourite Great Eastern Drive moments for many years to come.

Let’s go

You’ve dreamed, you’ve wondered, you’ve planned. Now all you need to do is make your dream road trip a reality and get started. Take a look at our Blog page for some inspiration to help you plan the road trip that will tick all your boxes.

Contact us below to get started. To help plan your visit, you can also check our travel times and driving distances.

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