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Experience one of Australia’s greatest road trips on the Great Eastern Drive. This journey will lead you to places and moments that you’ll never forget. From the white beaches of Tasmania’s east coast, to luscious food and wine, award-winning walks, and views that will take your breath away. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it when you just stop…and wander, along the Great Eastern Drive.

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The Great Eastern Drive road trip

Experience one of Australia’s greatest road trips on the Great Eastern Drive. This is a true journey of discovery that will lead you to the best-loved places and experiences of Tasmania’s east coast region. Here, every turn unveils a new view to take your breath away, and a new invitation to stop and explore. In this road trip itinerary we show you what's on offer from south to north, or if you prefer from north to south. Just choose and shape an adventure to suit you.

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Your dream road trip

What makes a dream road trip? The perfect road trip experience is different for everyone. It could be anything from a few unplanned days of meandering and discovering places and experiences along the way, or a carefully planned trip filled with your must-do moments. We've put together what we think are the key ingredients to a dream road trip, and very soon you'll have the chance to win it.

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Food & Wine

The Great Eastern Drive is a journey that will lead you to the most delicious experiences on Tasmania’s east coast, in some of its most beautiful locations.


On the Great Eastern Drive, unforgettable outdoor experiences are as easy as getting in your car and just wandering, until adventure finds you.


If you’re looking for an indulgent holiday experience, a place to celebrate something special, or just a bit of extra pampering, you’ll find it on the Great Eastern Drive.


Tasmania’s east coast is so full of opportunities to stop, take a breath and relax, you might even forget what busy feels like. The Great Eastern Drive will lead you to places and experiences that will make it impossible not to unwind.


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